belle grants surprise, validate and motivate

a network of national scouts helps us identify gifted artists, inspired educators and cultural visionaries

Each January a handful of deserving, yet under-recognized people open their mailboxes to a letter along with a token of support from the Belle Foundation. It simply expresses recognition, appreciation and encouragement for their work. No strings attached.

We do this because we believe that art is important, that creative thinking is important and that it is important to support people who take risks to fulfill a dream. We hope our positive and genuine efforts can make a difference in our increasingly cynical world.

Individual grants recognize individuals in the arts, education and the humanities. The Belle Foundation understands that following the muse can be a lonely endeavor and that outside recognition can be the spark that keeps the fire alive.

Collaborative grants are intended to recognize groups of two or more people working in partnership. This category was created in 2008 when it became clear that many good candidates could not be acknowledged for their individual efforts, separate from the partners with whom they work.

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